Reignbow beta test is open


Be one of the first to Reign in wave 1 of Reignbow testing

In an A.I. generated multiverse world of rainbow gem collecting how will you reign?


How to play

The game rules are quite similar to other online card games such as Pokémon or Magic the Gathering, with an emphasis on collecting rainbow gems.

Players will choose from one of the four teams(Miners, Wizards, Vikings, Pixies) and from one of the 11 art styles to build a deck*

Both players start with a pile of 30 Gems that they will try to keep from dropping to 0 by playing cards from their hand.

Turns are 88sec
During your turn you can choose from several actions (can be done in any order except end turn)
        1.      Spend coins to play cards from your hand.
        2.      Use cards ability.
        3.      Collect from opponents cards.
        4.      Collect from opponents gem pile.
        5.      Use your Horde.
        6.      End turn.

A player wins when their opponent's pile of gems are dropped to 0.

More stuff to know…

Card Types:

Collectors: Collectors are placed on the board, with Collecting points and Gems, they are able to collect gems from cards and the other player.

Helpers : Helper cards are also placed on the board, but cannot collect and have no collecting points. Instead it usually has a passive ability.

Slots: One time effect resolved immediately when played, then it goes directly in your discard.

Taverns: When played, the card will stay hidden from the other player. It will be triggered (and effect resolved) during your opponent's turn when the trigger condition is met, described on each card.

Horde: Hordes are always on the board and can be used multiple times during a turn as long as the player has enough coins.

What’s on a card?

(Top corner; orange)
Coins: How much it cost to play the card from your hand.

(Bottom left; blue)
Collecting points: When collecting from a card their gems drop by the amount of collecting points. (Your gems will also drop by their collecting points) When collecting from opponent their pile of 30 gems drops by the amount of collecting points (By dragging your collector into opponent’s hand area).

(Bottom right; red)
Gems: When they drop to 0 the card is transferred.

Card Ability: Each card can have unique abilities explained when hovering the card. Abilities are used in different ways depending on the card.
        1.      When card is played.
        2.      During turn for a cost of coins.
        3.      Always active.
        4.      After card is transferred.


So what are you waiting for? Get to collecting.

*Only 6 pre-made Miner and Wizard team decks in 3 of the art styles are in Reignbow BETA test 1.0